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Of Works and the Man I sing. But for a scholar like Samuel Hollander, to sing of his work is to praise him as a scholar. The immortality a thinker can have – and the only immortality worth having – lives on the value-added that we each contribute to the accumulating body of... Read Entire Tribute

~ Paul A. Samuelson
“Samuel Hollander, our master and co-worker”, from Reflections on the Classical Canon in Economics: Essays in Honour of Samuel Hollander, Evelyn L. Forget & Sandra Peart (Eds.), pp. 500-501.

Well, then, I can just enumerate three ways in which one can actually arrange the subject [the history of economic thought]. First of all you can discuss individual theories and their history. Viner’s Studies in the Theory of International Trade [1937] is a classic example of that... Read Entire Tribute

~ Lord Robbins
Comments by Lord Robbins to LSE students in A History of Economic Thought: The LSE Lectures, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1998

No historian of economic thought has raised as much controversy and been the topic of as much debate, even acrimonious debate, as has Samuel Hollander…. With the publication in 1973 of The Economics of Adam Smith (hereinafter EAS), Hollander announced his intention to... Read Entire Tribute

~ Jeffrey T. Young
General Evaluation by Jeffrey T. Young, “From Adam Smith to John Stuart Mill: Samuel Hollander and the classical economists,” Historians of Economics and Economic Thought: The construction of disciplinary memory, eds. S. G. Medema and W. J. Samuels, Routledge: London & New York, 2001, 129-65
Professor Samuel Hollander is one of the most distinguished scholars and teachers of the history of economic thought alive today. His publication record consist of an early book on the sources of increased efficiency in Du Pont rayon plants, some two volumes of articles recently collected and... Read Entire Tribute
~ History of Economics Society, USA

History of Economics Society announcement, June 1999, regarding the election of Samuel Hollander as a Distinguished Fellow of the Society. By Robert Dimand and Malcolm Rutherford.