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Tribute: History of Economics Society, USA

Professor Samuel Hollander is one of the most distinguished scholars and teachers of the history of economic thought alive today. His publication record consist of an early book on the sources of increased efficiency in Du Pont rayon plants, some two volumes of articles recently collected and published by Routledge, and, of course, his series of Studies in Classical Political Economy, published by the University of Toronto Press. The series consists of The Economics of Adam Smith (1973), The Economics of David Ricardo (1979), The Economics of John Stuart Mill (2 vols,. 1985), and most recently The Economics of Thomas Robert Malthus. In addition Professor Hollander has produced Classical Economics (1987).

Taken together, his Studies in Classical Economics provide a brilliant, challenging, and massively documented, reinterpretation of the central figures and writings of classical economics. A conference in Toronto last September in Honor of Professor Hollander ("Reflecting on the Canon") was a testament to the importance and the impact of Professor Hollander's research on classical economics. Those who have agreed and those who have disagreed with him alike have been driven on to further research to the benefit of all true scholars.

Professor Hollander has also been an outstandingly successful teacher of the history of economics. His legacy is thus also to be found among his students. They have produced a considerable body of first class work in the history of eonomics, and a number are active members of this society.

History of Economics Society announcement, June 1999, regarding the election of Samuel Hollander as a Distinguished Fellow of the Society. By Robert Dimand and Malcolm Rutherford.